Radio Airplay for 'Down' (US/UK/Hong Kong/Australia)

Naked Highway's 'Down' will receive be featured on the syndicated radio show The Lopsided World of L.

The show, hosted by the very excellent Jonathan L will also feature George Alley's 'Just Leave Me Dreaming' which was produced by Naked Highway.

'Down' is available on the Call Girls single, in all digital download stores and streaming services.

See for playlist 

Wednesday March 29 
Phoenix, Arizona 
KWSS 93.9 FM 
( at 10pm 

Friday March 31 
Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China 
7pm Hong Kong time 
11am U.K. -Noon Central Europe 

Friday March 31 
Liverpool, England 6pm United Kingdom - 7pm Central Europe 
10am Pacific- 12pm Central- 1pm East Coast 

Saturday April 1 
Liverpool, England 8am United Kingdom - 9am Central Europe  America: Midnight Pacific 

Saturday April 1 
Los Angeles, California  America: 11am Pacific- Central- 2pm East Coast Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET 

Saturday April 1 
Birmingham, England 
5pm United Kingdom -6pm Central Europe 
9am Pacific- 11am Central -Noon East Coast 

Saturday April 1 
Manchester, England 
9pm United Kingdom- 10pm Central Europe 
1pm Pacific- 3pm Central- 4pm East Coast 

Sunday April 2 
Tucson, Arizona Rock 102FM 11pm Pacific 
Monday 7am U.K.- 8am Central Europe 

Sunday April 2 
Los Angeles, California   10pm Pacific-12am Central- 1am East Coast 

Sunday April 2 
107.5FM New Zealand  8pm in New Zealand 
6pm Sydney, Australia


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